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We currently work with non-profits in the political, educational, and artistic spheres. Our for profit clients cover startups, technology, medical, events, and more. No matter what cause or industry you serve and how you serve them, we’ll ensure everyone you work with has the experience you need to ensure the results you’re looking for.


NAACP Legal Defense Fund

A Lifetime Appointment Affects Your Lifetime

Watch here

We certainly don’t recommend calling Pro4Bono the day before Labor Day Weekend asking for a TV spot to air by the following week because it relies on miracles, but miracles are what we preformed. From strategy and script selection over the weekend to building a cast and crew of 30 over the week to shooting the following weekend with the 2nd DP from the new Star Wars movie to getting none other than John Legend, fresh of his EGOT to star in it, a miracle is the only way to describe this anti-Kavinaugh spot and social campaign. Almost a million total views in just over a week with no media budget!


International AIDS Vaccine Initiative

Empowerment Through Awareness

IAVI hired an African filmmaking crew to interview people living with or surrounded by AIDS. The goal was to bring to life the staggering statistics that most AIDS infections happen here and women’s infection rates are twice that of men’s. Working with KSK studios, we created six themed films ranging from 90 seconds to 8 minutes and two short documentaries that covered singular stories, men’s perspectives, how women are empowering themselves, etc. With PReP and other drugs that make AIDS a livable disease it’s easy to see why the world’s eyes have moved on, but messaging like this is making sure IAVI’s donors understand, through those suffering most, why a vaccine is still so very needed.



Actually making bridesmaids happy

Brideside is the only high touch e-commerce experience for bridesmaids. What makes them unique is a personal stylist that first works with the bride to determine the vision and then the bridesmaids either online, with home try-on, or at one of their showrooms. They have successfully grown over the better half of a decade on their reputations. But they had hit the sisyphean challenge of bridal wants and bridesmaid’s styles. NOONE wants to be dressed by someone else, especially with such an expensive dress. We’re working with Brideside to expand beyond ecommerce to a fuller bridal experience to finally crack the hardest nut of the wedding industry, bridesmaids who are 100% happy with their dresses.



See politics from the other side.

The Flipside was created by Annafi Wahed after leaving the Clinton 2016 campaign and her good-paying financial career to bring a handful of conservative and liberal new junkies together, in the same room, every day, from nightfall till the early AM arguing constructively over the day’s biggest news story and curating fact-based journalism so subscribers wake up to a holistic perspective of the news. As her subscriber base has grown, Annafi reached out to Pro4Bono for strategic help to pivot to a growth mindset and structure, redo tagline and comms planning and set her up for website rebuilding, content creation and education programs bringing civics to the 21st century.



Giving Voters Their Voices Back

A non-profit dedicated to countering the Independent Democratic Caucus in the NY State Senate and flipping the government to blue. We refined their logo, brand guides and provided social media consultation. Now that the primaries are over, we’re proud to announced that 6 of the 8 NOIDC candidates won their elections and are primed to help pass Universal Healthcare, proper abortion protections, transportation infrastructure and so much more that NY State desperately needs.


Startup bus

Supporting Startups & Reimagining A Brand

Now in it's 8th year, StartupBus consists of an annual trek of 7 buses, starting in 7 different cities, carrying 5-6 teams of hackers spending 3 days creating businesses from scratch only to pitch against each other for the championship in New Orleans. Pro4Bono support includes marketing, sponsorships, networking, social media and more .



Saving bohemia in the village
For 40 years the Cornelia Street Cafe has supported the bohemian performance space in its basement. Now, we're flipping the script with The Cornelia Street Underground to raise the profile and money needed to support the cafe. We're fighting gentrification by bringing bohemia back to The Village and then beyond. We created the logo, the site, the social media, fundraising programs, and more.

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Untapping 10,000 years of knowledge while educating a nation
We are helping the Blackfeet Community College become the country's first non-government funded, four-year tribal college in our history. We are also helping with website and social media development, further fundraising efforts, corporate support, partnerships and more. Learn more at blackfeet2020.com