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We currently work with non-profits in the political, educational, and artistic spheres. Our for profit clients cover startups, technology, medical, events, and more. Your creative director will have experience in your industry and will have already worked in every medium you may need marketing for.



Saving bohemia in the village
For 40 years the Cornelia Street Cafe has supported the bohemian performance space in its basement. Now, we're flipping the script with The Cornelia Street Underground to raise the profile and money needed to support the cafe. We're fighting gentrification by bringing bohemia back to The Village and then beyond. We created the logo, the site, the social media, fundraising programs, and more.



Untapping 10,000 years of knowledge while educating a nation
We are helping the Blackfeet Community College become the country's first non-government funded, four-year tribal college in our history. We are also helping with website and social media development, further fundraising efforts, corporate support, partnerships and more. Learn more at blackfeet2020.com


 Startup bus

Supporting startups and the opportunities they provide
Now in it's 8th year, StartupBus consists of an annual trek of 7 buses, starting in 7 different cities, carrying 5-6 teams of hackers spending 3 days creating businesses from scratch only to pitch against each other for the championship in New Orleans. Pro4Bono support includes marketing, sponsorships, networking, social media and more .



Giving voters their voices back
A non-profit dedicated to countering the Independent Democratic Caucus in the NY State Senate and flipping the government to blue. We refined their logo, brand guides and provided social media consultation.