we want to                invest in you.


Because we believe in you.

There are so many organizations out there, like yours, trying to put your greater good above your bottom line. But marketing usually costs before it pays. 

Pro4Bono is an innovation agency that offers low-cost marketing and high-return joint ventures for the nonprofits, small businesses and startups that need it the most.

Low-Cost Marketing: We make marketing affordable by not having clients, but members. Chose from •Low cost, per-project fee services. • Brand Therapy sessions that treat your brand with the same expertise and provide all the perspective gaining benefits of actual therapy • A monthly membership for a flat rate that provides an experienced and decorated creative director on call, at cost.

High-Return Joint Ventures: Then, while building that trust with a flat marketing membership fee, we create joint-venture projects, products, services, partnerships... anything that can create more or new lines of revenue. And when those pay off, we both enjoy the profit. 

Let's reimagine how you do good.
So you can do better.

Schedule a half-day, one-on-one, brand therapy session.

Some agencies charge $50,000 for this. We take off a few zeros.


Get who you need, when you need them, how you need them

We are a different kind of partner. But we recognize the heart of any agency is it's creative lead, so it's the only full time partner your membership pays for. Your creative director will work with you as the point person to build a customized agency around your specific needs that will grow and shrink as needed to keep costs low and output high. At costs means Pro4Bono never adds overhead to the talent they bring in so you get the best talent at the best price. You will always meet/know whoever you work with, see their previous experience, understand their process and their price before you commit to any expenditures beyond your monthly membership fee. 


Jaime Schwarz, Founder and Creative Director

Beyond the work Jaime has done for Pro4Bono, he has over a decade of award-winning marketing and innovation experience across all kinds of industries, brands, mediums and agencies. You can see his work at jaimeschwarz.com. From the Super Bowl to Times Square to Websites to Events to Product Innovations to Documentaries to Sponsorships to Fundraisers he is excited to bring his experience and passion to clients he cares about. 

Jaime created Pro4Bono to not only help those who help others but to reimagine what an agency can be when cause comes before profit.

A recent graduate of Y Combinator’s Startup School, Jaime is always looking for new ways to provide the best insights and practices.