what we do.


Joint Venture Projects

The service that defines us is working with you to create new lines of revenue for your organization.
Think of us as your R&D department, studying your market, your customers, today's and tomorrow's technologies,
and everything that goes into the kinds of innovation that make your bottom line stronger and your future brighter.

New products, services, efficiencies, partnerships, untapped markets... if there's an opportunity out there for you, we'll find it.  


And All The Services Of A Full Agency...

...are covered by your flat-rate, monthly membership. Any non-creative director services are at cost. We never upcharge. 



Corporations may not be people, but brands are. So let's find out together who your brand really is. Then we'll figure out who you audience should be, how to understand them better, how to talk to them better and where and when to do it. 


"When Cicero had finished speaking, the people said, "How well he spoke," but when Demosthenes had finished speaking, they said, "Let us march."

We work with you to not only bring your message to life, but turn those messages into action. Regardless of the medium, we find the right way to break through the noise and get more than buzz, but action.  

graphic design and production

Disciplined color and font palates. A consistent look and feel. Professional looking posters, posts, handouts, even emails. We design and we make. 

Communications Planning & Social Media

We don't just strategize about who you are, we strategize about how to get your message out the right and loudest way possible. Riding social media conversations that are already trending, spending your precious media dollars only when the iron is hot, speaking the language your audience does. 

being your ally

You pick us as your agency, but we also pick you as our client. We only work with groups and causes we can get behind. That way, you get more than our professionalism, you get our passion.


And Some Created Specifically For Your Needs...

•sponsorship hunting and fundraising•diversity recruitment•career coaching•design inspiration classes•operations betterment •account management advancement•Patent filing•intern sourcing•


We don't make a profit till you do.

An agency full of hourly-rate full-timers is prohibitively expensive. We expect it's kept you from getting the marketing you need.

So we do things differently by offering membership.

Think of it like a retainer, but with no big investment upfront, no contract locking you in, and no ways to pad the time sheets. We charge a nominal, monthly fee that ranges from $1,000 to $10,000 which provides you your creative director on call, at cost. The fee corresponds to the level of involvement needed. For those wanting to stick their toe in, we recommend the lowest fee. For those who need all hands on deck, we recommend going higher. It can change or even stop when necessary.

Any services beyond the consultation of your CD (a new logo, a strategy session, a site, an event, a print ad, etc.) are purely pass-through costs.

We consider this low fee, which would only get you a day with an agency, our investment in you. We consider your investment in us to be a simple promise to be open to new innovations, projects we'll propose to you as we get to know you and your business better that open up new lines of revenue we can both profit from. That way we never interfere with your bottom line. Pro4Bono only makes a profit when you do.